Sponsorships and Advertising

Keeping the Magic Alive

The Westdale is a not-for-profit corporation with a deep commitment to its community. Eighty percent of our revenue comes from conventional ticket receipts, rentals, and other commercial activity. But to fulfill our purpose as a vibrant community arts venue, we need your support.

Learn how you can help by downloading our Case for Support


If you, or your organization, would like to sponsor a special event or a series (film, talk, music, performance, events), please contact info@www.thewestdale.ca.


We appreciate your interest in advertising with us!

Onscreen Advertising

Onscreen advertising is not only effective, it is affordable and guarantees a captive audience. For as little as $150 per month, your posted ad will appear before each film presentation 7 days per week for a period of one month as part of our pre-show presentation. Purchase a 3 month or 6 month plan and save 15%. 

Video Ads (1 minute in length) may be posted at a rate of $250 per month. 

Concession Stand Advertising

Interested in advertising on our concession stand screens. Static Ads Space is available at $75 per month per ad. Be placed amongst our featured event listings, and be seen by hundreds of guests weekly! 

Interested in learning more, send inquiries to info@thewestdale.ca 

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