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Your imagination is the limit in our landmark Theatre

Be a part of the history of Hamilton and host your next event at The Westdale. Our team will help you customize your event, assist with movie selection, and recommend catering, marketing, and technical requirements.

Host your next event at The Westdale

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Our slogan is Community Magic, so you know we can help you plan your community event or fundraiser! We’ll work with you to create a magical event befitting your cause.  We have a podium, microphones and production elements to make your night a resounding success.

*Starting at $815 for a Friday or Saturday night   

*Ticketing and marketing extra 

Community Events and Fundraisers

Our slogan is Community Magic, so you know we can help you plan your community event or fundraiser! We’ll work with you to create a magical event befitting your cause.  We have a podium, microphones and production elements to make your night a resounding success.

*Starting at $815 for a Friday or Saturday night   

*Staffing, ticketing and marketing extra 

Corporate Events

Our working habits have permanently changed. Do you work with a remote team and miss the camaraderie of being in the office together?  

Step back in time and plan a fun staff day at The Westdale. Hold a staff meeting, AGM, or conference with our big screen as your presentation backdrop. After your session, enjoy a movie with your team for an unforgettable afternoon!

*Starting at $500 (not-for-profit) and $680 (commercial) for six hours during the weekdays 

*Plus the cost of movie licensing and per-person admission 

*Staffing, ticketing and marketing extra

Private Film Screenings

Are you celebrating a birthday, anniversary, retirement, engagement or special family event? Then, wow your guests and invite them to a private screening.  

We will help you choose your favourite movie and obtain the necessary permissions from the distribution company to screen it.  

Please note that some movies are unavailable for distribution and that you are responsible for all licensing costs.  

*Starting at $500 for the theatre rental

*Plus the cost of movie licensing and per-person admission

*Staffing, ticketing and marketing extra

Concerts, Comedy and Live Events

Are you a promoter looking for a unique venue?  Does your garage band want to kick it up a notch? Look no further! We are fully equipped for live music, talk and comedy. We offer ticketing and marketing support in an intimate and accessible space for live events.  

*Starting at $1,250 for a Friday or Saturday night 

*Technician, marketing and ticketing extra 

Film and TV Productions

Is your production company looking for an authentic slice of life in the 1930s?  Do you need a stunning art-deco backdrop for your commercial?  Join a growing list of production companies that have shot content at The Westdale 

*Starting at $2,500 for an entire day plus the cost of staff

McMaster & Mohawk Students

We have (really) affordable options for your next student gathering!  Host a jam session, an improv night, or play trivia on the big screen.

*Starting at $140 an hour.  Limited availability and blackout dates  

* movie licensing and per-person admission  extra 

*Staffing, ticketing and marketing extra


Work with our preferred live streaming partner, Cable 14 to customize your online event.

*rates vary 

*Staffing, ticketing and marketing extra

The Westdale Theatre is a heritage-designated cultural treasure in the heart of Westdale Village.

The gloriously restored theatre is a multidisciplinary arts presentation space focusing on cinematic, artistic, and community arts programming.  

The fabled theatre has witnessed history’s scenes play out since it was built in 1935 as the first cinema in Hamilton equipped to show ‘talkies’ – motion pictures with sound. Newly incorporated as a not-for-profit charity in 2019, the art deco single-screen cinema is now a 342-seat venue that screens independent and repertory films. In addition, it produces and hosts various community events, including talks, comedy, fundraisers, live-streamed events, and concerts. 

Westdale Village is a heritage neighborhood known for its unique shopping, stellar restaurants and coffee shops, and its proximity to hiking trails and canoeing at nearby Cootes Paradise. It’s a go-to for nearby McMaster University students, locals, and visitors.

About The Westdale Theatre 

  • 342 soft seats
  • Community Art Lounge to mingle 
  • Two accessible areas with companion seats 
  • Closed captioning and hearing-impaired equipment 
  • Accessible washroom in the auditorium 
  • State of the art Christie Digital Cinema Projector 
  • Dolby surround sound 
  • In-house sound and lighting 
  • In-house ticketing system 
  • Private green room 
  • A fully licensed concession stand
  • The best popcorn in Hamilton! (popcorn people)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it to rent The Westdale?
Every event is unique. Our pricing chart indicates basic hourly costs and our Venue and Events Manager can help you customize a quote.  All rentals require staffing that is billed by the hour. Please fill out a rental inquiry form (link) on our site.

Can I schedule a site visit?
Yes! You can also take a virtual tour on our site ( After you fill out the rental inquiry form we will be in touch.

Are technicians included?
We provide basic technical support. We can add a technician or team to your event for an extra cost.

Are staff included?
No.  Staffing starts at $30 an hour. If we need extra staff for your event we will include it in your quote.

Can I sell my own tickets?
You can use our ticketing system for a fee, or your own ticketing system. Charges apply for every ticket sold.

Do I need insurance?
Yes. You will need to provide event insurance for liability. You will need to add Westdale Cinema Group as an additional insured to your policy and provide a certificate of insurance.

Are concessions available?
Yes! The best popcorn in Hamilton and snacks are available at retail cost. We are fully licensed to serve alcohol.

Will you advertise our event for us?
Yes, we can for an extra cost.

Do you offer catering services?
Other than our concession stand, we do not offer catering services or have onsite catering space. We can work with you to plan to bring in food.

Is HST included?
No. All rates will be charged HST in addition to the rental and services price.

Is WiFi included?

Do I need to pay SOCAN fees?
Yes, you are responsible for all music license fees which shall be paid to SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) in accordance with the terms of the tariffs filed.

Can I sell merchandise?
Yes. You will need to provide your own float and method of payment. Service charges may apply.

Can I play my own movie?
Yes, but we still have to secure distribution rights for the movie. All distribution costs are charged back to the renter.

Is there parking?
There is metered parking on King Street W. $1.50 per hour Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM. Parking is free all day Saturday, Sunday, and after 6 PM Monday to Friday.

Thank you to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for supporting our rental program.

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