The Westdale is a historic 342-seat theatre that screens independent films, and provides an intimate cultural space for public performances and exhibitions, showcasing Canadian and world content.  As a non-profit charitable arts organization, we are grateful for the support of our volunteers.

What does a Volunteer do?

Volunteers support our Front of House team by:

  • Checking tickets, and showing patrons to their seats
  • Assisting at the Concession counter by pouring fountain drinks, bagging popcorn and serving other food & beverages.
  • Tidying up the theatre in between screenings (eg sweeping popcorn, putting empty containers in the recycling bins)
  • Running the Westdale Farmer’s Market booth on Tuesdays
  • Handing out flyers and posters to the Westdale Village community
  • Assisting with artist hospitality (eg ordering catering)

Benefits of being a Volunteer:

  • Enjoy a film, concert, or live performance during your shift
  • Complimentary popcorn and soft drinks
  • Participate in staff functions
  • Build customer service skills
  • Support a community arts organization
  • Meet new people
  • Learn about the film industry

What skills do Volunteers need to have?

Our volunteers have a passion for the arts and enjoy helping people.  There is no experience necessary: we provide training.  As we are licensed by the AGCO to serve alcohol, we do require that any volunteers assisting at the Concession counter have a valid Smart Serve certification.    

How many hours do Volunteers work per week?

There is no minimum number of hours required, however we ask that volunteers commit to 2 shifts per month.  Volunteers are scheduled based on their availability.  Each week we email a call out for volunteers and schedule 1-2 volunteers per screening or event.  A typical shift is 3-4 hours.

Questions?  Contact our team – info@thewestdale.ca