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Genre: Comedy, Romance

Duration: 103 Minutes

Rating: G

ArtsFest: Singin’ in the Rain


Part of Westdale Village’s ArtsFest Weekend!

Free Admission! Please register for your tickets at thewestdale.ca, or in-person at the box office.

Taking place during the rise of the “talkies”, we meet Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont who have risen to stardom during the silent-film era of Hollywood. Beautiful, charismatic and influential, the two combine to make a great on-screen pair. The introduction of talking pictures poses a threat to the powerful duo, however, when it is discovered by audiences that Lina has an excruciatingly shrill voice. Enter young studio singer Kathy Selden, a woman who lacks the stardom of Ms. Lamont but possesses the beautiful voice of which Lina is in dire need. Can Don and Lina find a solution to Lina’s laughably annoying voice to salvage their careers?