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Genre: Adventure

Duration: 108 Minutes

Rating: PG

Back to the Future Part II

The Back to the Future Trilogy returns to our big screen! Throughout September, each film will be shown twice – Sundays at 1pm, and Tuesdays at 7pm.

All Tickets are just $8!

Lyon Estates, October 26, 1985. Picking up where they left off in Back to the Future, futuristic Doc returns in an enhanced DeLorean and takes Marty to the distant 2015. As a result, to right the wrongs of a grim future and save the present, the time-travelers embark on a frenzied, time-sensitive mission back to where everything started: 1955, the era of drive-ins and ducktails. But a fragile balance governs the space/time continuum; no one tampers with it and gets away scot-free. And this time, jumping back and forth in time has raised the stakes. Can Marty and Doc survive a double dose of temporal displacement?