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Genre: Mystery, Drama, Thriller

Duration: 84 Minutes

Rating: 14A

Ciné-Psych: Pi

All Tickets are $7.50, and include a free small popcorn!

Pi (1998), dir. Darren Aronofsky

Max Cohen is a reclusive mathematician obsessed with finding patterns in the stock market. As he delves deeper into his quest, he uncovers a 216-digit number that may hold the key to universal truths. This discovery attracts attention from various groups, including a Hasidic sect and Wall Street firms, each seeking the number for their own purposes. Max’s fixation spirals out of control, blurring the lines of reality as he grapples with the overwhelming implications of his findings and the nature of existence itself.

This event will be followed by an audience-panel discussion.

Part of the 2024 Ciné-Psych: Mental Health Film and Arts Series 

The Ciné-Psych film team and their collaborators return to the Westdale Theatre to bring you another film and arts series focused on themes of Social Justice and Mental Health. The series will encompass feature film screenings, a theatrical production, original Ciné-Psych short films and the screening event for the winners of the Second Annual “Change the Script” International Mental Health and Social Justice Short film festival.