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David Hamilton | Hamilton Film Festival

The Most Famous Canadian Producer No One Knows
Saturday, November 13th, 1:00 pm, Free
David Hamilton will be Interviewed by content producer Robert Wertheimer

David Hamilton
Born at the General and lived on West avenue for the first 9 years of his life. He and his brother started selling the Hamilton Spectator on the street when he was about 6 and it was his first exposure to being embraced by a subculture.

David Hamilton’s business ventures have spanned a variety of enterprises, including hi tech software support, publishing, international trade, concert production/promotion, and film production and sales. For the past 18 years David has produced Deepa’s celebrated, influential, and popular films, including the Oscar nominated (2006) Water; the two previous films in her Elemental trilogy: Fire and Earth; and the comedy Bollywood/Hollywood. In 2013 he produced Midnight’s Children – Deepa’s epic adaptation of Salman Rushdie’s(three time) Booker Prize-winning novel, and 2015 he produced, Beeba Boys, Deepa Mehta’s take on the gangster genre.  David holds an MBA from Harvard University, as well as being a published author on decision theory.

Hamilton Mehta Productions is a Toronto-based independent film Production Company. Co-founded in 1996 by internationally acclaimed director Deepa Mehta and Producer David Hamilton, Hamilton-Mehta Productions has been international recognized for its powerful and politically charged films that explore the human condition. Both Deepa & David have been the recipients of many well-respected international awards including an Academy Award® Nomination for Best Foreign Film, WATER. ​

Robert Wertheimer
An award-winning writer/producer he has been involved in international projects ever since he crashed the Cannes Film Festival while still a broke undergraduate student from Montreal’s Concordia University.  Early on, Robert’s specialty was production, serving as an Executive in Charge of Production for Paramount Studios, acting as a risk manager for Film Finances Completion Bond Company as well as a producer on a host of projects.  Early on, he was a founding board member of the Academy of Canadian Film and Television as well as a national board member of the Director’s Guild of Canada.