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Genre: Comedy

Duration: 107 Minutes

Rating: PG

Dumb and Dumber

LAGERSHED presents The Forged In Friendship Film Series at The Westdale!

This May at The Westdale, grab a refreshing LAGERSHED brew and enjoy these hilarious tales of friendship:
May 8 – Strange Brew
May 15 – The Blues Brothers
May 22 – Dumb and Dumber

Beer at The Westdale concessions during this series will be LAGERSHED exclusive. During this series, you can enjoy a LAGERSHED ORIGINAL or SALTED LIME CERVEZA brewed to perfection by Shawn & Ed Brewing Co.

Why a “friendship” film series?
Friendship lives at the heart of LAGERSHED. 30 years ago, two best friends from McMaster shared a dream of one day opening a brewery in Hamilton. That dream became a reality with the Shawn & Ed Brewing Co. – a brewery that specializes in craft lagers and is truly FORGED IN FRIENDSHIP. Shawn & Ed Brewing Co. is proud to be the official lager sponsor of The Westdale.

Come down to The Westdale this May and enjoy a funny friendship flick and a crisp, refreshing LAGERSHED brew. See you at the movies!

Imbecilic best friends Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne stumble across a suitcase full of money left behind in Harry’s car by Mary Swanson, who was on her way to the airport. The pair decide to go to Aspen to return the money, unaware that it is connected to a kidnapping. As Harry and Lloyd – who has fallen in love with Mary – are pursued across the country by hired killers and police, they find both their friendship and their brains sorely tested.