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Genre: Documentary

Duration: 95 Minutes

Rating: G

Elvis: That’s the Way It Is (2001) FILM TALK


Hosted by Alysha Main (Music Supervisor/DJ/Host of “Hamilton Film” Podcast)

A series for true music lovers craving a big audiovisual experience with the greatest sonic moments ever captured on film.  Host Alysha Main will take the audience on a journey through the liner notes and deep cuts from the most beloved music documentaries and biopics of all time.

In Part 2 of the series, we expand past documentaries into biopics and films with a unique musical focus.  We’ll see iconic 1970s performances by Elvis Presley, James Brown, Bill Withers, B.B. King & more; we’ll explore the lives of legendary artists Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin, and we’ll have some family fun at the “School of Rock”.


After years of making movies, Elvis Presley makes a triumphant return to the stage in Las Vegas in the Summer of 1970.  The first non-dramatic film of Elvis’s career documents rehearsals with the TCB (Taking Care of Business) Band, his phenomenal performances, and the celebrity and fan culture surrounding the shows.

Sponsored by Take Note Stationery Boutique

Alysha Main is a Music Supervisor, DJ, and Podcaster who has been working in the entertainment industry for 20 years. Her career has taken her to Toronto, London, and Melbourne, working in Artist Management, Event Promotion, Sales, and Marketing.  She is the creator and host of the Hamilton Film podcast, documenting the local film industry.  In 2017 she shifted her focus to Music Supervision, studying at Berklee College of Music, and now works on film and TV projects in Canada and the USA.