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Genre: Drama

Duration: 124 Minutes

Rating: 18A

Fish Tank

Mia, a troubled fifteen-year-old girl, lives on an Essex estate with her mother, Joanne, and precocious little sister Tyler. She has been thrown out of school and is awaiting admission to a residential facility and spends her days aimlessly. She begins an uneasy relationship with Joanne’s slick boyfriend, Connor, when he starts to encourage her one interest, dancing.

The Cine-Psych film making project was started in 2017 by Dr Nadeem Akhtar, a Psychiatrist, film-maker and Associate Professor at McMaster University. The aim of the project was to generate an educational community dialogue about Mental Health conditions by creating bespoke metaphorical, film depictions informed by those with lived experience. Despite filming and Cine-Psych events being placed on hold during the Covid-19 Pandemic, the team (comprised of Psychiatry residents and Medical students) remained dedicated to their vision.

Please join the Cine-Psych team, our community partners, the McMaster department of Psychiatry & Behavioural Neurosciences and Department of Social Work as we present a multi-arts series exploring the realities of mental illness vs mental wellness. Our series will include feature films followed by expert panel discussion; bespoke poetry readings from local writers; and a first of its kind “stage and screen” event where a live action play will bridge two original Cine-Psych shorts.


Opening comments by Dr Kristin Delcellier (Resident Psychiatrist; Cine-Psych team member)

Poetry reading, introduced by Matthew MacArthur (Resident Physician; Cine-Psych team member)

Dr Alex Tavares, Assistant Clinical Professor, McMaster Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences

Alex is a child psychiatrist practicing in Waterloo, Ontario. Aside from his work as an amateur film-maker, he has a strong academic interest in the social determinants of health, evolutionary psychology and patient safety.

Maddie Brockbank (MSW), PhD candidate, Vanier Scholar, McMaster School of Social Work

Maddie has been involved in research, practice, and community organizing initiatives in the area of anti-violence work with men, specifically in exploring the links between sexual violence prevention, masculinities, anti-carceral feminisms, and engaging men in primary prevention efforts. Additionally, she has research experience in the areas of houselessness, disability, social systems, curriculum development, and creating safety for marginalized students in university pedagogy