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Forever Young Poster

Duration: 120 Minutes

Forever Young – A Tribute to Rod Stewart

Touring the globe and sharing the stage with rock legends such as Tina Turner,  Rush, Bob Seger, Meatloaf, Johnny and Edgar Winter, Rick Derringer and Roy  Orbison, life-long Canadian musician, songwriter and recording artist, Doug Varty,  has made it his mission to give people what they’re looking for in live  entertainment. 

“When my band and I used to play Rod Stewart covers in pubs, people would  often ask me if I was lip-syncing to a track because of the striking similarity  between myself and Mr. Stewart’s voices”, says Doug. “When I assured them  that it was really me, they’d insist that me doing a Rod tribute show would be a  big hit. Though a little reluctant at first to wear the wig and the shiny suits, I  started out in the tribute biz about twenty years ago and quickly learned to  embrace the opportunity to become someone else, just for a while.” 

“As some of the live music audience gets a little older, they want to go to  something they know and understand will be a good night out. They want to go  to a sure thing. A well-reviewed tribute act is just that. They may not know who  Doug Varty is but they know what they’re going to get when they see me as Rod  Stewart. You don’t have to convince them to have a good time.” 

Doug has been performing his Rod Stewart Tribute show for over 20 years and  taken it to Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, Las Vegas and throughout North  America. “I started New Year’s in Bermuda, went to the Cayman Islands, Arizona  and a lot of other fun and sunny destinations. It’s been great,” he said.  

For the last 10 years, Doug has also been performing his Rod Stewart Tribute in  front of the full horns and vocal sound of the POWERHOUSE Band and backed by the CHICAGO TRANSIT SHOW as FOREVER YOUNG/HAVIN’ A PARTY.