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Genre: Drama

Duration: 150 Minutes

GIFFT – My Name is Eftyhia

The story of songwriter Eftyhia Papagiannopoulou (1893-1972), who escaped the burning of Smyrna and journeyed to Athens, Greece, where she became a major figure in Greek popular music and the beloved lyricist of the country. On board the ship she decides not to let life pass her by; she focuses on her poetic talent by endlessly writing wherever she can, on napkins and cigarette boxes, and even bills. She smokes, she passionately falls in love, casually gambles in luxurious salons, but also in illegal basements. Eftyhia collaborated with all the famous music personalities of the country but Her significant contribution to Greek music was not recognized until her death in 1972.

Presented in Greek with English subtitles.

Please note that Members of the Westdale cannot use their memberships to purchase tickets for either screening of this festival. All tickets can be purchased at the GIFFT website, which is where you’ll be redirected after clicking on ‘Buy Tickets’.