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Genre: Drama

Duration: 150 Minutes

GIFFT – Zorbas: The Real Life Story of George Zorbas

Alexis Zorbas in Zorba the Greek is one of the most memorable characters in all of film history, and the Nikos Kazantzakis book on which it is based is one of the best works of modern Greek literature. The film starts from the Turkish occupation, and captures the challenges of Zorba’s life, his meeting with Kazantzakis and Angelos Sikelianos on Mount Athos (Agion Oros), their descent to Mani, their going back and forth to the Caucasus to rescue 150,000 Greeks and to Skopje for new adventures. The story balances between logic and emotion. Kazantzakis acts with logic, Zorba with emotion. It is an informal “clash” of two worlds from which a strong friendship is created.

Presented in Greek with English subtitles.

Please note that Members of the Westdale cannot use their memberships to purchase tickets for either screening of this festival. All tickets can be purchased at the GIFFT website, which is where you’ll be redirected after clicking on ‘Buy Tickets’.