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Hamilton Film Festival: Emerging Shorts


Films from student, or emerging, filmmakers

Flashback, (teens 13-17), Hamilton School of Media Arts, Dir and Wr. the students. 
A teen is questioned after several of her friends are found dead.

Apep’s Curse, (teens 13-17, Hamilton School of Media Arts, Dir. Students, Wr. Mike Trebilcock

Passing By, 11m, Hamilton Acting Studio
A series of interactions between Hamilton strangers.

Vibe With Me, 6m, Centennial, Jae Ng
An artist struggling from self worth finds some inspiration

Meter’s Running, 8pm, Humber, Anna Di Giovanni
Cab driver Linda James, a forty-year-old recently divorced woman, is having a hard time accepting that she and her ex are officially over.

Cocaine Caddy, 13m, Sheridan, Steel Bey 
A young man with no car is blackmailed into selling cocaine, he needs a ride to get to the deal so he calls a cab.

Alfie, 12m, Sheridan, Emily Ryder
After discovering an abandoned house on a walk home from school, cousins Alfie and Julia, begin a journey of self-exploration in which they both start to push the boundaries of binary gender expression and reject gendered fashion.

10-13, 12m, Sheridan, Dir. Teryn Lawson, Wr. Alyssa Bruno
A paramedic battles her demons when a traumatic work event takes over her life.

Yesterday Will Hurt, 29m, Toronto Metropolitan University, Dir. Serafina Fraracci, Wr.
Emily Bak,  Serafina Fraracci, Abhishek Mishra, Megan Pierotti

“Yesterday Will Hurt” is a pilot episode that follows Joey Walker, a pessimistic, hot-headed, 17-year-old who suffers from frightening flashbacks from her childhood.

​Q&A to follow with the filmmakers in attendance.