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Hamilton Originals: McCurlie, Doidge and Wiles: Songs of Wentworth County

Hamilton Originals: Live Music from The Westdale!
McCurlie, Doidge and Wiles:  Songs of Wentworth County
Hosted by Mike McCurlie 
Stream on YouTube & Facebook July 2 at 8 pm EST:
Since the lockdown of our city several months ago, local musicians have been eager to get back on the stage… and here at The Westdale, we’ve come up with a way to make that happen!
This summer, we have a great line-up of local songwriters and singers.   We’ll be showcasing one each Thursday at 8 pm EST LIVE from The Westdale, Hamilton’s historic theatre.  The show will stream live on Facebook and YouTube, and you’ll be able to chime in with any questions or comments you have.
It’s not just about their songs, it’s about what makes them true Hamilton Originals! Local musician Mike McCurlie will be interviewing each performer to dig deep into their songwriting as well as some stories from the road. It will be an ‘up close and personal’ look at each artist… but not too up close! Of course, we’ll be practicing social distancing in the theatre, and all equipment will be disinfected before and after each show.
The Westdale is a not-for-profit charity and we’re hoping our show inspires some donations to help us continue to offer local culture to our beloved community.
Suggested donation: $15

McCurlie, Doidge and Wiles: The Whole Truth

That’s Mike McCurlie, Bob Doidge, and Caroline Wiles.

Mike and Bob have lived in Ancaster since birth… they won’t say when. In ‘64, they first performed together in the gymnasium at Fessenden School. Remember those days?

As kids, they always dreamed of growing up and playing music (even though their parents said they couldn’t do both). But more than that, they always dreamed of falling in love with a girl from Montreal.

Flash forward fifty years to the new millennium. Whoa! Bob meets Caroline, and she’s from Montreal! Perfect. She’s a great songwriter and great singer… even more perfect!

Well, Mike’s written a number of songs about Ancaster, and amazingly, so has Caroline! Plus, they all have great stories to tell about the good ol’ days right here. Songs about:

  • Enerals Griffin’s 1828 escape from Virginia
  • the hanging at The Hermitage in 1833
  • the Ancaster Fair
  • the Ancaster LCBO
  • the Bowling Alley (just kidding… no song about that)