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Hamilton Shorts! Hamilton Film Festival

96m, Various genres
Saturday, November 13th, 7:00 pm, $12

Lone Signal, 8m, Sabrina Soto
Set in the 1990s, a determined Radio Broadcaster is investigating unknown signals coming from an old radio.

Huey, 18m, Shane Pennells
A man gets more than he bargained for when he discovers a drone he found in the trash has become sentient

Viewfinder, 5m, Tiffany Wice
During a night time photoshoot, a photographer encounters a mysterious entity.

Father, Camera, Daughter, 6m, Terrance Odette
Taken from footage shot in 2008 and tucked away in the “home Movie” bin until 2019, nostalgia and the generational evolution of a story are explored in this new short film by award-winning FilmmakerTerrance Odette. A father casts his 9-yr-old daughter in the lead of his short film, a minimalist adaptation of The Little Match Girl. When she innocently questions his intentions the story moves beyond both the original Anderson tale, and a parents interpretation, and in the hands of a child transforms from something bleak to something hopeful.

Bonecrusher, 13m, Jim Morrison
Filmed in Hamilton
A True Story.

1923: drunken Mariachi music reels across a smoke-filled Mexican boxing stadium as two aging fighters — one white, one black — meet in the centre of the ring. Jim “The Fireman” Flynn towers over his opponent, Sam “The Bonecrusher” Langford. It is a fight to the finish and one of them has a secret.

Junior, 5m, Abraham David
The day before he leaves for grad school, Junior gets a call from his estranged father who asks him to visit for the first time in years.

Promotion, 4m, Mike Regis
After witnessing a racial incident in the workplace, a soon to be father’s morality is put to the test.

Model Railroad, 13m, Nathan Powell
When no one shows up to his birthday party, a young man takes out his frustrations on the plastic figurines inside his model railroad kit.

Holdout, 12m, Adam Benish
Two lovers find themselves in a stalemate as the late-night booty call starts to get old. Can a fresh cup of coffee infuse new life into their relationship, or will it kill it once and for all?

Stroke of Fate, 12m, Aharon Jinjihashvili
In a hospital waiting room, family wounds are exposed as a mother and son wait for news of their loved one’s prognosis. Starring Sheila McCarthy (Agnes in Umbrella Academy).