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Hamilton Third Age Learning: Forensics in Crime Solving 

Hamilton Third Age Learning Fall Lecture Series

September 20 to October 18, 2023

10am to 12pm

Understanding the 21st Century

How do we begin to understand the 21st century? Our world is a very complex and confusing place where change is happening at an ever faster pace. The speakers will cover a range of topics providing insights into this century’s problems and possibilities.

Cost: $55.00 for all 5 lectures

(including lecture, Q&A and post lecture recording available for 2 weeks)

Forensics in Crime Solving with Dr. Myriam Nafte Biography

The complex world of crime scene investigation is explored through a dynamic and engaging two-part lecture. In the first half, Dr. Nafte takes you through the fast-evolving field of police forensics with an overview of the protocols governing death scenes, expert witnesses, and the processing of physical evidence.

In the second half of the lecture, we examine the highly specialized area of identifying human remains. Determining a biological profile, the manner versus cause of death and the challenges of facial reconstructions are all brought to life through real life images and case studies.

Due to the nature of the physical evidence recovered, it has been Dr. Nafte’s experience to work alongside law enforcement, scientists, and homicide investigators as part of a collaborative team. Along with the important procedures involved with such collaborative efforts, she will discuss some of the most challenging cases of her career.

Please note: Some of the images are graphic and reflect past casework. The sole purpose of using these images is for teaching only.