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Hamilton Third Age Learning: The Impact of Climate Change on the Wine You Drink

Hamilton Third Age Learning Fall Lecture Series

September 20 to October 18, 2023

10am to 12pm

Understanding the 21st Century

How do we begin to understand the 21st century? Our world is a very complex and confusing place where change is happening at an ever faster pace. The speakers will cover a range of topics providing insights into this century’s problems and possibilities.

Cost: $55.00 for all 5 lectures

(including lecture, Q&A and post lecture recording available for 2 weeks)

Implications of Climate Change on Niagara’s Grape and Wine Industry with Dr. Jill Willwerth 

The entire agriculture sector will be impacted in one way or another by climate change. Climate change will likely lead to changes in seasonal weather, more erratic weather patterns and increases in extreme weather events.

The grape and wine industry plays a tremendous role for the economy of both Ontario and the rest of Canada, especially with respect to agriculture and agritourism. As a result of climate change, there will be new challenges that the industry will face but some opportunities will arise as well. This lecture will discuss how a changing climate may impact grape production and the potential implications on Niagara’s wine industry.

There will be a focus on the use of cutting-edge research and innovation to mitigate the effects of climate change and help sustainable production of world class wines as we move into a new world of weather.