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Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Crime

Duration: 114 Minutes

Rating: 14A


As a special finale to our ‘Whodunnit at the Westdale’ Film Talk series, we are proud to present Alan J. Pakula’s classic neo-noir thriller in tribute to the life and career of Canadian acting legend Donald Sutherland. (1935-2024)

When his old friend, the laboratory engineer Tom Gruneman, vanishes, detective John Klute is hired to search for him. The unique lead is an obscene letter allegedly written by Tom to a call-girl in New York called Bree Daniels, and Klute moves to the Big Apple to investigate the disappearance of Tom. Klute blackmails Bree to help him to find other prostitutes that might have information using some tapes of her phone calls that he had secretly recorded. They realize that someone is stalking Bree, and while Klute falls in love with Bree, she has some sort of feeling that she can not understand for him.

Jeffrey Bender

Jeffrey Bender has hosted a number of in-person and online Film Talks with the Westdale, most recently on a series of films focused on The Lives of Artists in a wide variety of artistic media. He returns this summer to host a ‘It’s Good to be the King! A Mel Brooks Select-rospective’, as well as ‘Whodunnit at the Westdale’, a three-film survey of classic murder-mysteries that redefined the genre.