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Genre: Adventure, Family, Fantasy

Duration: 102 Minutes

Rating: PG


Part of our Workshop of Dreams: A Jim Henson Showcase series!

This summer, we pay tribute to the creative genius of Jim Henson, as we screen several of his best-known films for four weekends throughout August and September, with alternating matinee and evening screenings. All tickets are $8.25! Sponsored by the Merchants of Westdale Village.

Sarah, a petulant adolescent living in an alluring dream world of fantasy and enchantment, finds it difficult to accept that she must babysit her baby stepbrother, Toby. So, without a second thought, she wishes goblins would take the boy away in a fit of pique. But as all-hearing ears grant her horrible wish, Sarah has a change of heart. As a result, she embarks on a dangerous rescue mission to confront the fearful Goblin King Jareth in his impenetrable maze. However, sneaky creatures and an eerie mystique rule the ethereal realm. Can Sarah right a wrong and save Toby before she loses him forever in the tangled labyrinth?