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Genre: Live Theatre

Duration: 90 Minutes

MINE! True Stories and Legends

“MINE! True Stories and Legends of the Porcupine Gold Rush,” the acclaimed Historical Folk Musical is back! and bigger than ever! With even more songs and stories, digging deeper into this fascinating chapter of Canadian history. Writer-performer Will Gillespie tells harrowing real-life tales of adventure and perseverance through 15 original Folk songs in different historical styles, with two other local acoustic Folk musicians, gathered around a campfire with him in the remote wilderness of Northern Ontario.

Come along on a musical journey back in time to a world of prospectors, pioneers, bootlegger-bandits, high-graders, dog-sledders and moonshiners!

With original backdrop paintings by Hamiltonian visual Artist Susan Robinson and historical photos from the collection at the Timmins Museum National Exhibition Centre of the real people, places and events Will is singing about, projected high up on the big screen! “MINE! True Stories and Legends of the Porcupine Gold Rush” in an immersive, multi-media presentation that is larger than life.

A 60-minute solo version of the play was created thanks to a Theatre Projects grant from the Ontario Arts Council. It debuted at the Westdale for the Hamilton Fringe Festival in 2022 and toured across Ontario that Summer. Now, Chasing Shadows Productions – the same company that brought you the award-winning original musicals “Swingin’ in St. John’s” and “Diamond in the Rough” – is bringing the show back as a 90-minute play with a live band on stage!

Most people are aware of the Klondike Gold Rush in the Yukon and the California Gold Rush of 1849. There was also another Gold Rush, right here in Ontario in 1909 that produced more actual gold than the other two combined, with its own unique colourful characters, legends and adventures. Come see “MINE! True Stories and Legends of the Porcupine Gold Rush” where those unsung heroes and legends come back to life in song.