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Genre: Drama

Duration: 118 Minutes

The Last Picture Show

It’s 1951 in the small town of Anarene, located in the dust bowl of Texas. Sam the Lion, owner of the local café, pool hall and movie theater, and the unofficial father figure to many of the young men of the town, is one of the few people who seems content with his life in Anarene. Life in Anarene for the younger generation in particular seems to hold little interest and not much of a future. The sensitive Sonny Crawford and brusque Duane Jackson are high school seniors, co-captains of the hapless high school football team, and best friends. Duane is dating the beautiful Jacy Farrow, the daughter of the town’s oil baron. Jacy’s mother, Lois Farrow, offers Jacy advice for her future: marry the boy who offers the greatest opportunity, especially in escaping Anarene, that boy who isn’t Duane. Jacy goes on that pursuit for good or bad. Sonny just broke up with his long time girlfriend Charlene Tuggs, the two who dated seemingly since there was nothing better to do. While Sonny dreams of Jacy, as do many of the boys, he ends up in an affair with middle aged Ruth Popper, the unhappy wife of the high school’s football and basketball coach. These encounters and relationships, especially for Sonny, Duane and Jacy, who are just coming to the age of exploring their sexuality, show just what future there is for them in Anarene.