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Online Event. Hamilton Originals: Steve Strongman

Hamilton Originals: Live from The Westdale!
Steve Strongman: Ready to Talk the Blues
Hosted by Mike McCurlie 
With support from MJM Media and Clearcable
Stream on YouTube, Facebook or here on our site August 24 at 8 pm EST:
Suggested donation: $15

Award-winning Canadian bluesman Steve strongman is a versatile talent, and a restless one. By constantly pushing himself in new directions, he has kept himself vital. His talent is huge and impossible to miss, and it’s matched by his staggering musical ambition — as guitar-slinger, songwriter or vocalist. The same structures and progressions that animate blues and roots music can also choke the air out of it, smothering it in caricature and cliché. But Strongman is a subtle shape-shifter who manages to slip that trap without betraying the music he loves. Throughout, he never sounds an inauthentic note or loses touch with the essence of the blues.

Steve is ready to talk the blues with Mike McCurlie!