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Page Turner | Hamilton Film Festival

Sun Nov 7th, 1:00 pm, Free

Three local authors bring the big screen to the page.
Academy Award® winner Colin Chilvers returns in person!
Believing A Man Can Fly
Memories of a life in special effects and film
Superman: The Movie, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Smooth Criminal, XMen, K19 and many, many more.

Aaron Lam
Composing Adventure: Conversations with Composers about Great Adventure Scores
A collection of interviews with the talented artists behind the scores for some of cinema’s most celebrated adventure films.​ Through casual conversations with composers like Bill Conti, Bruce Broughton, Laurence Rosenthal, Lee Holdridge, Craig Safan and many more, you will learn about their experiences in the film industry as they created some of the most memorable music ever written for motion pictures.

​Stephen Hayes
When The Luck Runs Dry
Given up for dead, Patrick Farley returns home to pay a gambling debt to the Mob, but finds he’s been framed for murder. His luck’s run dry so he makes his own, and it becomes a dangerous game filled with sex, drugs, violence and betrayal. Can he hold on to the beauty he also finds waiting for him here in the heart of this broken- down city, and follow its path back home?
Based on his award winning film, Lucky 7