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Genre: Concert

Duration: 150 Minutes

St. Patrick’s Day Party!

A lively night of Celtic music, and stand-up comedy for everyone who doesn’t want to hit the pub!  Dark beer, Irish Whiskey & Irish Coffee on the bar!

Your host for the evening: Fiona O’Brien 

After Emigrating from Ireland to Canada in 2012 Fiona began on a quest to stamp out the racism that the Irish face….One Lucky Charm at a time.

Fiona knows the Irish are not a race, but she cannot pronounce Xenophobia. Fiona quickly established herself by winning over audiences: Two time semi finalist in the Absolute Comedy “Prove You’re a Comic” competition, a finalist in the Toronto Comedy Brawl, a finalist in The ‘Rising Stars Competition’ at The Brantford Comedy Festival, and two time Tournament Champion at Flat Tire Comedy. Toronto’s SheDot festival. Kingston Comedy Festival. Featured on CBC’s Lol . Sirius XM. Yuk Yuks on tour. Halifax Comedy Festival. Comedy Album coming March 2020

After providing the world with three future tax payers (all born by C Sections, just saying), Fiona has decided to dedicate her life to making sexually frustrated, disillusioned and bored people laugh with her no restraint, provocative, humour.

Scantily Plaid will provide the music!

The exciting and highly energetic Celtic/Canadian trio from Hamilton comprised of Ruth Sutherland (vocals, Celtic harp, and percussion), Doug Feaver (vocals, guitar, harmonica, and percussion), and Allan Eaton (great highland bagpipes, small pipes, and percussion).

Their music is a vibrant and evocative fusion of the traditional mainstream Celtic style, with rock and world music influences woven into every song and every tune.

Individually and collectively, Scantily Plaid delivers soul-stirring music with dynamics unparalleled anywhere!

Content advisory: Mature content and language