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Genre: Adventure, Family, Fantasy

Duration: 93 Minutes

Rating: PG

The Dark Crystal

Part of our Workshop of Dreams: A Jim Henson Showcase series!

This summer, we pay tribute to the creative genius of Jim Henson, as we screen several of his best-known films for four weekends throughout August and September, with alternating matinee and evening screenings. All tickets are $8.25! Sponsored by the Merchants of Westdale Village.

A distant planet. A different time. One fate. Centuries ago, the Dark Crystal cracked and brought forth two races. One is the villainous lizard like birds called the Skeksis, who have taken control of everything. The other are a peaceful race of wizards called the Mystics. A young Gelfling named Jen is sent by his dying master to find a Crystal Shard, which is being held by the wise witch Augra. Now, Jen must journey far and wide to figuring out the purpose of the Shard and work quickly to saving his world from the Skeksis’ wrath.