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Genre: Crime

Duration: 103 Minutes

Rating: PG

The Killers (1946)

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Part of our Noir-vember Film Talk Series!

Partner up with our guest speakers all November long as they take you through the classic world of film noir, cinema’s home to all things existential and hard-boiled, and three of the most impactful pictures this genre has to offer!

Nominated for 4 Academy Awards, including Best Director (Robert Siodmak) and Best Adapted Screenplay. (Anthony Veiller) (1947)

Two professional killers invade a small town and kill a gas station attendant, “the Swede,” who’s expecting them. Insurance investigator Reardon pursues the case against the orders of his boss, who considers it trivial. Weaving together threads of the Swede’s life, Reardon uncovers a complex tale of treachery and crime, all linked with gorgeous, mysterious Kitty Collins.

Jeffrey Bender

Jeffrey Bender has hosted a number of in-person and online Film Talks with the Westdale, most recently a three-film ‘select-rospective’ on the films of Wes Anderson and Memory Lane, a series of road-trip films from 1973. He joins us this fall to host the Lives of Artists, a selection of films about artistic talent and the creative process, as well as serving as one of the guest speakers for Noir-vember, featuring a survey of classic and contemporary film noir.