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Genre: Documentary

Duration: 105 Minutes

Rating: PG

The Photographer

Hosted by Nathan Fleet with Calvin Keo (Director) 

Explore original Canadian films with a connection to our great city. Local filmmakers will join us to discuss their work and answer your questions.    

Nathan Fleet 

Nathan Fleet is the executive director of the Hamilton Film Festival and the owner/operator of the new Hamilton School of Media Arts. He has a passion for spotlighting filmmaking in his hometown, Hamilton. 

Directed by Calvin Keo  

Part of our Hamilton Original Films Talk Series!

Filmmaker Calvin Keo tells the story of his father, Moy Keo, a Cambodian refugee who fled to Canada during one of the world’s darkest moments, the Cambodian Genocide. Moy was a photographer once upon a time, and after looking through a book full of old photos, he begins to recollect his time spent in a refugee camp (Khao-I-Dang) in his younger years. He then seeks to reconnect with all of the loved ones he left behind when he fled the nation.