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Duration: 105 Minutes

Rating: 14A

The Tale Of King Crab – AGH Film Fest

Italy, today. Some elderly hunters reminisce about the local tale of Luciano. Luciano lives as a wandering drunkard in a remote village of the region called Tuscia. Spiteful actions ensue between him and the prince of the region over the right of passage through an ancient gateway. Fueled by passions and jealousy, these actions result in a horrible misdeed. Now an unfortunate criminal, Luciano is exiled to the distant Tierra del Fuego where, with the help of ruthless gold-diggers, he searches for a mythical treasure, paving his way towards redemption. However, in these barren lands, only greed and insanity can prevail.

Saturday, October 16 at 4:00 pm

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