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Thou Shalt Not Hate | Windsor Hamilton Jewish Film Festival

Tickets: $15

Available May 3, 7:00 pm – May 5, 7:00 pm

After this content becomes available on May 3rd at 7:00 pm EDT, you’ll have 48 hours to start watching. Once you begin, you’ll have 48 hours to finish watching the film. The May 4th at 4:00 pm live stream can be viewed anytime until May 5th at 7:00 pm

FREE WITH TICKET: May 4 at 4PM EST – Q&A with Max Mauro Mancini, Director of Thou Shalt Not Hate, and Fred Fuchs, Television and Film Producer (Recording available for viewing after the fact)

Simone Segre, a renowned surgeon of Jewish origin, lives in a city in the north-east of Italy. A quiet life, an elegant apartment, and no connection with his past. One day he finds himself assisting a male victim of a hit and run accident. But when he discovers a Nazi tattoo on his chest, Simone abandons him to his destiny. Filled with guilt, he ends up tracing the man’s family: Marica, the eldest daughter; Marcello, a teenager plagued with racial hate; and little Paolo. The night will come when Marica knocks at Simone’s door and unknowingly asks for payback.