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Genre: Comedy, Music, Romance

Duration: 120 Minutes

Rating: G

White Christmas

Special ‘Sing-Along’ screening on Sat. 23rd at 6:15pm!

All Tickets are just $8! Sponsored by the Merchants of Westdale Village.

After World War II, song and dance men Bob Wallace and Phil Davis form a successful partnership, eventually becoming top Broadway producers. Bob agrees to take in a nightclub act by the Haynes Sisters, Betty and Judy, as a favour (so he thinks), for their brother who served with Bob and Phil in the war. While Phil realizes that Bob has become smitten with Betty, he arranges for them to accompany the sisters to their next show at a small inn in Vermont. Little do they realize that the owner of the inn is Major General Tom Waverley, their old commanding officer, who is unfortunately on the verge of shutting down his beloved inn if the snow prevents people from attending the show. They come up with a plan for a Christmas show to help the Major General out, but a misunderstanding leads to a rift between Bob and Betty, leaving it to Phil and Judy to try and get them back together.