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My Favourite Film Talks 

Fred Fuchs, Hollywood producer, and the chair of The Westdale, will talk to six incredible filmmakers about the first time they saw their favourite film and what makes it so special to them.

Please watch the films on your own every week and then join us to ask your own questions!

▶︎June 22: PULP FICTION with award-winning writer, producer, and executive producer Robert Wertheimer.

Stream PULP FICTION on Netflix:

▶︎June 29: COMING TO AMERICA with author, filmmaker, and Hamilton Black Film Festival founder Paize Usiosefe.

Stream COMING TO AMERICA on Netflix:

▶︎July 6: WHAT’S UP DOC with writer, producer, filmmaker, & professor Harris Goldberg.

Find out where to stream WHAT’S UP DOC here:

▶︎July 13: ALMOST FAMOUS with music supervisor, DJ, and podcaster Alysha Main

Stream ALMOST FAMOUS for free on Hamilton Public Library‘s Kanopy site:

▶︎July 20: BLACK COP with BAFTA-winning and Emmy-nominated filmmaker Warren P. Sonoda.

Stream BLACK COP for free on CBC Gem:

▶︎July 27: THE FIFTH ELEMENT with Academy Award winner Colin Doncaster.

Stream THE FIFTH ELEMENT on Netflix here: