The Westdale Concession Menu


Small: $4.50
Medium: $5.50
Large: $6.50
Add Butter: $1.00
Pop N’ Top: $1.00
(White Cheddar, Dill Pickle or Salt and Vinegar)


Hotti Biscotti: $4.00
Reeses Peanut Butter Cups: $4.00
Sour Patch Kids: $3.00
Twizzlers: $3.00
Jelly Belly Jelly Beans: $3.00
Glossette Raisins: $4.00
Two Bite Brownies (4pk): $4.00
Werther’s Original: $3.00

Fountain Drinks

Small: $4.50
Medium: $5.50
Large: $6.50


Coffee (Medium, Decaf or Dark Roast): $3.25
Tea (Orange Pekoe or Green): $3.25
Hot Apple Cider: $3.25
Hot Chocolate: $3.25
Perrier: $4.00
Smart Water: $4.00


6oz Glass: $8.50 (tax included)

Peller Estates:
White: Sauvignon Blanc
Red: Carbernet Merlot

Good Natured:
Red: Melrot Shiraz

200ml Mini Bottle: $9.00 (tax included)
White: Pinot Grigio
Red: Cabernet Merlot


$9.00 (tax included)
Collective Arts:
Audio/Visual: Lager
Life In The Clouds: IPA
Matter Of Fact: Blonde Ale
Stranger Than Fiction: Porter

Shawn & Ed:
Lagershed, Lagershed Light

Heineken 0%: $7.50


$9.00 (tax included)
West Avenue
Heritage Dry: Apple Cider
Cherriosity: Cherry Cider

Mixed Drinks

Collective Arts (Feature Cocktail): $8.50
White Claw (Hard Seltzer): $8.00
Canadian Club & Gingerale: $9.00
(tax included)