My Summer of 2020

My Summer of 2020 | Creating Digital Stories

We are living in a profound time – it’s the Summer of 2020 in Hamilton, Ontario!

Have you ever thought: “I feel like I’m living in a movie!”?  Well, now is your chance to make that movie.  The Westdale, in collaboration with Lyons New Media Centre in Mills Library, McMaster University, invites you to learn how to make your own digital story.  A digital story is a short movie that you can make with technology that you already have right in your hand (or lap, or on your desk). 

My Summer of 2020 – Creating Digital Stories is a series of online instructional videos that will guide you through the process of making your video time capsule. 

What kind of story do you want to tell about the summer of 2020 – what happened that is significant and personal to you?  The experts at Lyons New Media Centre will guide you on how to take your original idea and turn it into a snappy and unique digital story. 

 Each week you will receive an instructional video culminating in the online screening of all of the final digital stories on September 2.  Experts from The Westdale and Lyons New Media Centre will be available for questions and guidance throughout the process.

What will your My Summer of 2020 Digital Story be?  Register now to participate,  there are only 16 spots available!

Register here! Only 16 spots available

July 29 to Aug 4

 Instructional Video #1

Planning a Digital Story

  • About pre-production
  • About digital storytelling
  • Write your story
  • Video concept and style
  • Storyboard your video
  • Additional resources

August 5

Instructional Video #2

Capturing your Digital Story

  • At-Home Equipment
  • Resolution and Frame Rate
  • Tips for Capturing Video
  • Tips for Capturing Audio

August 12

Instructional Video #3

Editing your Digital Story

  • Sorting Footage
  • Keep it Simple
  • Video Editing Software Options
  • Common Editing Lingo and Tools
  • How to Submit your Final Digital Story

August 19

Digital Story submissions

September 2 at 7:00 pm 

Online Digital Story viewing party on Zoom!

Please direct questions to Becca Dowden, Community Arts & Grant Developer / Coordinator at The Westdale

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