In keeping with the government’s cautious approach, effective Saturday, October 9, 2021, at 12:01 a.m., capacity limits will be lifted to allow 100 per cent capacity in the following settings:

  • Concert venues, theatres and cinemas;
  • Spectator areas of facilities for sports and recreational fitness (would not include gyms, personal training);
  • Meeting and event spaces (indoor meeting and event spaces will still need to limit capacity to the number that can maintain physical distancing);
  • Horseracing tracks, car racing tracks, and other similar venues; and
  • Commercial film and television productions with studio audiences.

In settings where capacity limits have been lifted, the requirement for individuals to maintain two metres of physical distancing are being removed, with limited exceptions. In addition, proof of vaccination will continue to be required in outdoor settings where the normal maximum capacity is 20,000 people or more to help keep these venues safe for patrons.


The Westdale requests that only patrons who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (or those under the age of 12) enter The Westdale for public events. We make this request out of consideration for the health of our audience, our staff and their families.


Proof of COVID-19 vaccination (or valid medical exemption) is required to attend an indoor event in Ontario beginning September 22, 2021.  Patrons, guests, and rental customers 12 or older will be required to show accepted proof, alongside a valid government-issued photo ID.  Guests 11 years of age or younger must be accompanied by a fully vaccinated adult.  Please see this Ontario Government FAQ document for specific requirements.  

 The Westdale has determined that the best way to protect its employees is to require them to be fully vaccinated with a Health Canada-approved COVID-19 vaccine, or combination of vaccines, as a condition of employment as of August 30, 2021.

Patrons must wear a mask or face covering unless eating or drinking.  The theatre will allow 45 minutes to 1 hour between showtimes to clean and disinfect the theatre.

Seats will be reserved, and contact tracing maintained as per regulations.