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A Canadian cult classic! Homegrown horror with plenty of tongue-in-cheek Gothic thrills!

Two Goth-influenced sisters have their boring suburban lives disrupted when the eldest and more rebellious, Ginger, is bitten by a werewolf shortly before she gets her first period. As Ginger’s bloodlust rises along with her libido, her sister Brigitte does her best to help her while also trying to look out for the safety of her oblivious parents, her potential boyfriend (the local dope dealer, the only other person sensitive enough to realize something’s amiss), and the rest of the townspeople. Cleverly equating the onset of puberty with the unleashing of an implacable feminine id, screenwriter Karen Walton and director John Fawcett’s Ginger Snaps is a celebration of female power, a critique of the dangers of conformity, and a smart, scary, straight-up horror film.